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Loras flicked his ears back and forth as he paced in circles. At last his decision was made. He used his right paw and hurriedly pawed at the bandana that hugged his neck. At last the bandana slipped over his ears and down his muzzle, hitting the ground as silent as the feather that clutched it. He hated doing this to his sister he really did, but he didn't want her opinion or her help. What he was going though was stuff that he barely even knew he was going through himself. There was no way his sister could help. No matter how much she thought she could. He turned his head to Aussie who stared back at him with a simple stare. A simple stare that could just light up Loras's whole world. Here he was with a Wolf of Dire. What would his sister think? She'd never forgive him. She'd never forgive him for falling for a Wolf of Dire. The Wolves of Dire had taken their family from them. Leirah had been so different when their family was still around. She had been obnoxious, flirty, and childish. Once she lost her family she had began to grow up and to Loras it seemed like she went from being a pup to an experienced adult just over night. There was no way she'd accept his decision.

" Your scent is all over it." Loras concluded.

" Good. Hopefully she will believe that a member of my pack happened to catch you on a nightly stroll and decided to finish you." Aussie said with the flick of his tail.

Loras's eyes lit up. " Right! You need to bite me." He said, stepping closer to Aussie.

" I need to what?" Aussie asked, stepping away, confusion obvious in his golden yellow eyes.

" I hate doing this to my sister but we have no choice. If you bite me then my blood will be here and she'll believe I was killed." Loras explained.

Aussie rolled his eyes and began walking away from the conflicted brute. " Where are you going?" Loras called after him.

" I am not going to bite you. Let them believe what they want. If we're going to run off together then we're going to do it now." Aussie called over his shoulder.

Loras let out a sigh.
Loras Leaves
My fursona's brother leaves.
This is a short script/drabble of the part in my story where Loras leaves.
A rough and sturdy knock at the door startled both Dany and Jon. Dany broke her gaze with Jon and settled it on the ground. " Come in." She said with slight disappointment. Didn't she request it of Oberya to tell the others she wanted no company yet?

The door creaked slightly on its hinges as it was opened. A red faced Cat appeared and Dany quickly moved her violet-blue gaze to Jon. Her heart pained as Jon tensed beside her and her son at the presence of Lady Stark.

" Cat," Dany said gently. All her time with the Starks she had began to see Cat as a mother figure after Cat had convinced her to drop all formalities. " Is there something I can do for you?"

" No Daenerys, there is nothing you can do for me." Cat muttered. Dany instantly felt her walls go up. Something was wrong. Cat hardly ever said Dany's full name. " Actually I'm here for Jon."

Jon glanced up at Cat with a timid and weak look. Cat stared back at him with a cold and hard stare. Dany shivered at the tension filling the room.

" Actually Cat there was something I wanted to discuss with you." Dany said quickly. Both Jon and Cat gave her a confused stare.

" Dany what I have to say to Jon is kind of important." Cat protested.

" Cat you look exhausted. You need to relax. Come here and we can both relax in here and you can hold my newborn son. We can share stories and take our minds off everything else." Dany said with a sweet smile playing at her lips.

" That does sound nice." Cat whispered as she appeared to be having a war in her head. She was defiantly considering. Dany sighed at this. There were too many wars going on in this world for there to wars in an individual's head.

Cat nodded her head slowly and stepped into the room as quietly as she could. Jon shot Dany a thankful look before standing up and silently taking his leave. Cat lowered herself onto the bed next to Dany. After a few moments of silence Dany turned and craned her neck to glance at Cat with a gentle and welcoming look deep in her violet-blue eyes. " Cat, tell me what's wrong."

Cat's piercing blue eyes met Dany's violet-blue as she sniffed quietly. Dany could tell the strong woman was struggling not to let tears spill. Catelyn Stark was a strong woman, but even as strong as she was she still had weaknesses. She bottled everything up and Dany could tell on the inside she was hurting miserably. She was a complicated woman who could not express her feelings very well. Cat turned to stare at the ground.
A Dragon and Her Wolf Ch. 10 Preview
A sneak peek for the newest chapter of my story which is a fanfic on Jon and Dany. Can be found here -…
Designs for sale! by Arweey
Designs for sale!
Lineart rightfully belongs to Sixbane on cs.
Looking for 100 points on each.
1. Open
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Wolf Adoptables by Arweey
Wolf Adoptables
Wolf characters for sale. I need points.
Lineart by…
You can choose genders.
From left to right.
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